Renaissance husband and wife team, Lee and Vivianne Cervantes Gladden, are  now opening new frontiers in anti-aging, life extension and astrobiology research.                     
     Drs. Lee and Vivianne Cervantes Gladden are living examples of their breakthrough discoveries in anti-aging and life extension. Co-authors of Celestial Heirs, A Space Age Interpretation of the Bible, and How to Win the Aging Game, they are still, in their ninth and tenth decades of life, active in clinical practice, research, lecturing and writing.   Read more ......................
F r o n t i e r s  i n  A n t i -A g i n g, Life Extension & Astrobiology

                                                      ~ Photos were taken more than 42 years apart ~
 Lee and Vivianne, 93 and 87, 2015.
                    Vivianne and Lee, 44 and 49, in 1971.