What people have said
"Your book is fascinating. The point of view is highly original and the supporting evidence impressive. Ariel and I would be honored to have you spend an hour with us. Come!"

Will and Ariel Durant
Best Selling authors
The Story of Civilization​

​​"I must tell you how impressed I am with your book. The hypothesis..... is radical,  but  even  readers who will not accept it cannot fail to be intellectually stimulated.  I certainly was."

​​ Charleton Heston -  
​Academy Award Winning Actor
​Leading roles as Moses, The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur

"The most revolutionary challenge to religious thinking​ since Martin Luther.  A wondrous book!" 

Maria Martone
Pro​fessional reader for literary agents, film producers and major networks

"Our listeners were captivated by the Gladdens.  The station has been swamped with calls ever since. A mind-blowing book. "

Ron Foster, KIIS,  Los Angeles 

"​​​​The Gladdens and their  book are  fascinating.  Audience reaction compelled us to extend a one-hour show to two hours. "

​Nick Nolan, Talk Show Host
KPAC,  Port Arthur​​​, Texas

"The Gladdens are spellbinding!  Listener reaction was ​​overwhelming."

Paul Cassidy, Talk Show Host, W​GY,  New York

​​"A superbly written book.  Highly original and Stimulating!"

Rabbi Bernard Zieger
​​​Temple Beth El,  Riverside, California

"The Gladdens have done their homework.  A masterpiece!"

Elder G. Nathanial Banks
Former Regional Conference Director​
Seventh Day Adventist Churches

"Our views are not that dissimilar.  They seem to me the only game in town."

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, U.S. astronaut​

​​​"The  big concept everyone has been waiting  for.  It puts it all together -- science and religion; man and the universe."

Raymond Gladden, Project Engineer
U.S. Space Shuttle Program
Rockwell International

​"Your book is a clarion call for new thinking about the needs of the spirit as we prepare for this new age which is dawning before our eyes!

Bill Jenkins, Talk Show Host
KABC, Open Minds​​​

"A book of originality and power - a fresh prospective on our spiritual heritage.  I wish I had written it."

Dr. William R. Parker, Senior Pastor
Community Church by the Bay, Newport, California
Best selling author,
Prayer Can Change Your Life​​​​

"A new perspective on the Bible for Space Age men and women."

Hubert Page, Former chaplain, U.S. Air Force